Can I become an affiliate for your products?

    Yes once a student is enrolled in my Amazon FBA UK course they can become an affiliate.

    Please use the student email account to request affiliate access.

    Terms & Conditions for Affiliates

    1. Earned commissions will be paid on the first of the month and there must be at least thirty days between the affiliate purchase date and the payout date.

    Example: If a customer buys the course on the 15th July through your affiliate link, the next payout date would be the 1st September.

    2. After being given affiliate access you will need to add your Paypal email address into the Admin Page on Teachable in order to receive payouts. Please check this before submitting to ensure you get your payouts on time.


    The course must not be misrepresented or mis-sold in any way. Failure to comply with this will prevent you from getting any commissions and your removal from the course immediately.

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