I’m concerned I won’t make a profit once I consider the cost of: The barcode, packaging and design, logo, JungleScout, Amazon Account, shipping from China, FBA fees. Am I likely to cover all these expenses?

Yes like with any business there are start-up cost but it helps to make yourself aware of them.

Here's my rough estimate from what you've listed:

  • Barcodes - £100
  • Packaging Design (Variable): £30 - £300, this really depends on who does it for you!
  • Logo (Variable): £30 - £100
  • JungleScout Web: £30
  • JungleScout Chrome Extension: £70 (One off fee)
  • Amazon Account: £30pm
  • Selling Fee: 15% of sales price
  • FBA Fee: Variable

  • When you work out your profitability you need to make sure that you are covering your costs. Then anything extra is your profit! 

    I would personally look to double your money, so if your costs add up to £5 per unit (this won’t include amazon fees as they come off the sales revenue) then you want to make £5 profit which means you get a 100% return on investment!

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